Brennan, the water boy

Brennan always filled the cups with water to put it inside the big plastic box on the wheelchair because the kids were very thirsty for water while they were playing hockey by the mail box area. The kids who play hockey is Sean, Michael, Jordan, Jay, Jamie, Dustin, Ryan Tokan , Ryan Comen, John Melo,

Brennan got hit by a car

Brennan got hit by a car…                                                                                          December 31, 2011 Brennan, Jose and Tiffany were walking by the sidewalk. When they were walking and talking Jose told Brennan to pick up JB. Brennan sneaked up behind him and jumped on him. He’s holding on to him and JB kicked his feet backwards Brennans legs and Brennan

The CEC “Yes I Can” Awards

See video of the award The Yes I Can awards                                May 2, 2012 Brennan went on a trip to Denver Colorado. He won an achievement award. He is with his mom on the plane for about 3 Hours from the Miami International airport to Denver airport; they got there at 9:00 Denver time or 11:00